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View class timetable

Automatically synced with your calendar

Connect with class buddies 

A supportive community


Connect with like-minded people

Create workouts (incl. social workouts)

Track progress & compete on leaderboards

Experts at your finger tips 


Find coaches that suit your style.

Exclusive discounts

In-app chat messaging

Virtual coaching  (coming soon)

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Frequently asked questions


Is my gym listed?

Download our app and select your gym.  We are working hard to get as many of your gyms listed as possible. However, if we missed your gym, please let us know and we will try add it within 24 hours.  

How can I control who connects with me?

We handle this for you with friend requests, just like Facebook. 

You can also Block and Report users if they don't play nicely. 

How do social workouts work?

Go Gym Buddy's  workout creator lets you choose whether you want to share you workout with others (so they can ask to join) whether its only visible to say women in your gym (to join), or if it's is a private workout just for you to track.  

Is it awkward to decline someone?

Not really.  Just like Facebook, when people send you a friend requests and you choose to decline them, it will just remain pending on their end.  Same goes for workout requests.

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