Fitness Is More Fun With A Buddy.


Uniting gym buddies with one click




Find like-minded gym buddies and trainers that want to see you succeed. 



 Share a personal training session with a buddy and split the costs. Save up to 50%!



Create or join workouts and track progress from every workout.


Scientifically proven to double

 your fitness results!

Punching excuses in the face!


Half the battle is to show up, that's where gym buddies come in.



Busy Schedule? Struggle to find time to exercise? 

Our unique workout creator syncs with your calendar 

and helps you block out time for fitness.

Need motivation to get up earlier and train?

We get it. Hitting snooze is sooo much easier.  That's why we help connect you with like-minded people to train with. Now you both keep each other accountable to show up.

Does fitness intimidate you? 

Your not alone. Starting your fitness journey can be scary, but it's always easier together.  We help match you with similar people so you can make the journey less intimidating 

Save time and money.


We help you connect with the right fitness professional at the right price.



Save up to 50% 

Grab one-off deals or group discounts offered through the app

Which trainer is right for me?

Take the guess work out of finding the right Personal Trainer for you. 

Reach trainers on the go with in-app chat messaging. 

Ultra-fast 1-click system

One-click to join workouts or classes. Every workout is automatically synced with your calendar with reminders.

Ready to start?

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We are stronger together.

Frequently asked questions


I'm not super social, is this still for me?

Yes absolutely. We get it, not everyone is a social bunny and sometimes it's nice to just workout by yourself.  Our workout creator is still here to help you stay accountable and track results. Plus, having an account keeps you up to date with gym activities, running deals and makes it easier for people to know you by first name. 

How can I control who connects with me?

We handle this for you with friend requests, just like Facebook. 

You can also Block and Report users if they don't play nicely. 

Who can see my workouts?

We leave this up to you.  Our unique workout creator lets you choose whether you want to share you workout with others (so they can ask to join) whether its only visible to say women in your gym (to join), or if it's is a private workout just for you to track.  

Is it awkward to decline someone?

Not really.  Just like Facebook, when people send you a friend requests and you choose to decline them, it will just remain pending on their end.  Same goes for workout requests.

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